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Ashwini Prasad Krishnamurthy Singapore Artist

Art empowers me to challenge my inhibitions, imagine possibilities and trust my own instincts and every painting to me is a journey of self-discovery. It's the happy accidents, the silent conversations and the pure joy of embarking on an unknown adventure that draws me back to the canvas. In my creative journey, the arrival home means very little; the journey means everything!

My work is inspired by a deep gratitude for nature and the spiritual renewal that accompanies time spent outdoors. The immensity of the sky, the eternal presence of the rocks, the corners of the forests, the color of the flowers, the movement of the sea are inexhaustible sources of inspiration. Through interpreting colours, surface design and the impressions of nature on the canvas, I aim to create a moment of respite and opportunity to reflect on the healing strength the earth provides. Several environmental influences perpetually spark new ideas and my travels across the world ignites much of my work . I tend to use acrylic paint as it allows me to work intuitively and quickly and it’s fast drying time allows me to play with layers spontaneously. I never know what I will end up creating until it’s done! My work is held in private collections in Singapore and around the world. 

I am a fervent believer in giving back to the community. Children's education and quality healthcare for the underprivileged are social causes that I am most passionate about and partner with select not for profit organisations passionately giving my time, talent and heart.

My loving family and friends are a constant source of support, inspiration and motivation for everything I do. Besides art, I enjoy reading, listening to instrumental music and photography. Thank you for joining me on my journey, and welcome to my world of colors!




Mobile: (65) 94872541


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