Exhibitions, Recognitions and Awards



  • April 2024: "Singapore Gift Fair", BeOne Gallery, Visual Arts Centre, Singapore

  • May 2024: "Voice of Art 3", BeOne Gallery, Ion Orchard Art Gallery, Singapore

  • June 2024:  "Waves of Art 5, Decorative Art on Fish", 2024, Bay of Bengal Programme Inter-Governmental Organisation, India
  • December 2023: "Christmas Show", 1880, Singapore

  • December 2023: "Voice of Art 2", BeOne Art Gallery, at Ion Art Gallery, Ion Orchard, L4, Singapore

  • October 2023: Ramakrishna Mission Annual Charity Art Show, Ramakrishna Mission, Singapore

  • August 2023: "Dance, Lion City", National Day Art Exhibition by The Women Artists Association at Chui Huay Lim Club, Singapore

  • July 2023: ”Art Unites”,  Art Exhibition celebrating racial harmony on the 23rd of July at Katong Community Centre, Singapore

  • July 2023: "Fridamania", Gnani Arts, 20th Anniversary Celebrations, 55 Genting Lane, Singapore

  • May 2023: "Songs of Swadesh: Navarasa", RELC Auditorium, Orchard Road, Singapore

  • March 2023: Permanent mural exhibit alongside other artists as part of "Aazadi Ka Amrit Mahotsav", Commemorating India's 75th Year of Independence, High Commission of India, Singapore

  • March 2023: "Voice of Art (1)", Beone Art Gallery, Ion Art Gallery, Orchard Road, Singapore


  • November 2022: Global Art Fair, Marina Bay Sands, Singapore (Solo Show)

  • November 2022: "Art in the City", BeOne Gallery, The Arts House, Singapore

  • October 2022: Ramakrishna Mission Singapore Annual Charity Art Show

  • August 2022: "Let's All Celebrate Singapore", National Day Art Exhibition, Parpia House, 55 Genting, Singapore 

  • May 2022: India Art Festival, Nehru Centre, Mumbai

  • March 2022: India Art Festival, Chitrakala Parishath, Bangalore

  • January - February 2022: Artsy Online Exhibition


  • October 2021: "To Aspire and Be Inspired", Gnani Arts, Singapore

  • September 2021: "The Great Ganesha Art Fair," Gnani Arts, Singapore

  • May - June 2021: "And She Slays the Demon," Covid-19 Charity Art Project, Gnani Arts, Singapore

  • June 2021: Art Masters Online Art Exhibition, Singapore


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MAY 2024: "Voice of Art 3", BeOne Gallery, Ion Orchard Art Gallery, Singapore


APRIL 2024: Singapore Gift Fair, BeOne Gallery, Visual Arts Centre, Singapore


DECEMBER 2023: Christmas Art Show, 1880, Singapore

DECEMBER 2023: Voice of Art 2, Ion Orchard, Singapore

OCTOBER 2023: Ramakrishna Mission Annual Charity Art Show, Ramakrishna Mission, Singapore

Ashwini Art - Ramakrishna Mission Sinagapore - Charity Art Show 2023

”Dance, Lion City” National Day Art Exhibition from 5/8/23 to 9/8/23 , The Women Artists Association, Singapore at Chui Huay Lim Club



JULY 2023 
”Art Unites”,  Art Exhibition celebrating racial harmony on the 23rd of July at Katong Community Centre, Singapore


Ashwini Art - Katong CC '23 Art Unites Exhibition

July 2023 -   FRIDAMANIA

Gnani Arts, Singapore, 20th Anniversary Celebrations- FRIDAMANIA
A Collection of Art Inspired by Frida Kahlo the Unparalleled Cultural Icon.

ashwini art


MAY 2023 - “Songs of Swadesh: NAVARASA!”, RELC Auditorium, Orchard Road, Singapore

It was a delightful experience to be a part of the enthralling cultural event - "Songs of Swadesh: NAVARASA!" I am grateful for the opportunity to have showcased my introspective artwork rendered in semi abstract and abstract styel to complement the show and celebrate the diverse spectrum of human emotions. 

The event took place on Saturday at 7 pm, on the 27th of May, at the RELC Auditorium in Singapore. The collaboration between Artist to Artist, Tagore Society, and the Singapore Indian Fine Arts Society (SIFAS) made this event even more remarkable.The talented artists brought the essence of Navarasa to life through captivating display of Indian multilingual musical and dance performances. 

MARCH 2023 - "Voice of Art (1)"

BeOne Art Gallery,  Ion Art Gallery, Orchard Road, Singapore

I had the honor of participating in the esteemed exhibition, Voice of Arts, curated by Be One Gallery. This remarkable showcase brought together 80 talented artists and took place from March 3rd to March 8th, 2023, at the renowned ION Art Gallery located within the elegant setting of ION Orchard, Singapore.


MARCH 2022 - "Aazadi Ka Amrit Mahotsav” commemorating India's 75th year of Independence, High Commission of India, 31 Grange Road, Singapore - 239702


Proud collaboration with #gnaniarts and Indian High Commission, Singapore on the prestigious “Aazadi Ka Amrit Mahotsav” project with 75 other artists. We created an iconic tri color themed mural wall comprised of 75 paintings which is now part of the permanent collection at the High Commission of India in Singapore. The theme of the paintings was everything that depicts Indian culture, place and people. I chose to paint Yakshagana dancer face art seen in the 3rd row. Jai


NOV 2022 - "Global Art Fair", NOV 3rd - 6th '22, Marina Bay Sands, Singapore 

I had the privilege of showcasing my first Solo Project at a renowned international art exhibition, the Global Art Fair, held at Marina Bay Sands from November 4th to 6th, 2022.


NOV 2022 - "Art in the City", Nov 18th - 20th '22, Arts House, Singapore, BeOne Gallery

Curated by Be One Gallery at the iconic Arts House, Singapore -'Arts in the City' presented a collective exhibition featuring 26 artists from various countries including China, England, Hong Kong, India, Indonesia, Malaysia, the Philippines, Thailand, Turkey, Vietnam, and Singapore

Start at 2:30


OCT 2022 - Ramakrishna Mission Singapore, Annual Charity Art Show, 1st - 4th October, '22, 179, Bartley Road, Singapore - 539784

Ramakrishna Mission Charity Art Show


AUG 2022 - ‘Let’s All Celebrate Singapore’, 5-14th Aug, '22, Parpia House, @55 Genting, Singapore - 349563

In conjunction with Singapore's 57th birthday, it’s was a special previlige to be part of a collaboration between Singapore Community Art Network and JOURNEY by TOUCH Community Services. ‘Let’s All Celebrate Singapore’ is an art exhibition featuring artworks by 21 artists with special needs. Take a peek into the creativity and imagination of the special artists' works that celebrate the resilience and achievement of Singapore over the years!


Singapore 57th National Day Charity Exhitibion


MAY 2022 -"India Art Festival", 26th May - 29th May, '22 - , Nehru Centre, Mumbai


India Art Festival - Mumbai - May 22 - Ashwiniart.com

MAY 2022 - "Indian Art Festival", May 5th - 8th, '22 -  ChitraKala Parishath, Bangalore



India Art Festival - Bengaluru - ashwiniart.com

JAN, FEB, 2022 - Artsy Online Exhibition - (Jan - Feb '22)




OCT 2021 - "To Aspire and Be Inspired", Gnani Arts, Singapore

To Aspire and Be Inspired

SEP 2021 - "The Great Ganesha Art Fair", Gnani Arts, Singapore

Gnani Art Ganesha Art Fair - Sep '21 - Silver Anniversary

MAY, JUNE 2021 - "And She Slays the Demon", COVID-19 Charity Art Project, Gnani Arts, Singapore