Creative Process

Commonly Asked Questions

Tell us about your artistic background and how long have you been painting? 

I've been immersed in painting since 2018, drawing inspiration from a diverse group of over 50 master Indian and Singaporean artists. This rich artistic background has deeply influenced my style and approach to painting, nurturing my growth as an artist.

Tell us about your creative process and style

My creative process is largely inspired by my travels and visual references of my favorite subjects. I reimagine these scenes in semi-abstract, impressionist, and abstract forms, infusing them with my unique style. Trusting my intuition, I often begin my paintings without detailed plans, allowing them to evolve naturally as I work.

How did you develop your style? 

Within a year of embracing painting, I honed in on my unique artistic style, gravitating towards palette knives and vibrant colors. Florals and landscapes are particularly dear to me as favorite subjects.


How do you actively engage with and enrich the Singaporean community through your artistic endeavors?

I am a member of the Singapore Indian Fine Arts Society and actively participate in organizing various visual arts programs for the community. My aim is to make art accessible to everyone, fostering a sense of peace, happiness, and personal development through artistic practice. I am also a permanent member of Singapore Women Artists Association and Art Galleries Association of Singapore

Why do you use Acrylic? I like to work fast and blend as little as possible. Because acrylic paints dry so fast, I can add many layers of paint quickly and hence prefer acrylics to oil paint. 

Do you conduct art workshops? I do conduct one on one and group art workshops for both kids and adults. Group sizes are limited to 5. Do visit this page for more details. For enquiries feel free to DM me. 

Explore these captivating video reports showcasing my creative process and gain further insight into the development of my artistic practice. Enjoy the viewing experience!