Creative Process

What is your creative process like? 
I usually draw references from my travels and pictures/videos of my favourite subjects, reimagine it in semiabstract/impressionist and abstract forms and give it my own spin in my unique style. I trust my intuition and make my paintings as I go and don’t generally plan them out in great detail when I start my work.

How did you develop your style? Within a year of picking up my painting tools, I was able to hone in on my favourite style - Impressionism and I have a great inclination for palette knives and bright colors. Florals and landscapes are my favourite subjects. 

Which brands of paint do you use/recommend? 
I primarily use Golden paints with a couple of other brands thrown in too. 

What color can’t you live without? 
Titanium White, Payne's Grey, Rose Gold, Teal, Raw Sienna, Green Gold, Sap Green, Prussian Blue  and Magenta.

How long have you been painting? Since 2018

Why do you use Acrylic? I like to work fast and blend as little as possible. Because acrylic paints dry so fast, I can add many layers of paint quickly and hence prefer acrylics to oil paint. 

Do I conduct workshops? I do conduct group workshops for kids and adults. Group sizes are limited to 5. Do visit this page for more details. For enquiries feel free to DM me. 

Explore these captivating videos showcasing my creative process and gain further insight into my artistic journey. Enjoy the viewing experience!