Wall Art Size Guide

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Wall art size guides below provide a great reference when it comes to choosing the right size of art.

If you are unsure of the right size to choose a great tip is to mark out the dimensions of the art on your wall with masking tape. You can also share a picture of your wall you intend to frame the art on and I can share the visualisation for your reference. 

Small Art - Less than 40 cm/16 inches can be easily moved around, placed on shelves and styled as an accessory. 

Medium Art -  Typically 40-60 cm/ 16-24 inches is ideally hung on the wall and can be styled with other pieces and is not too small to look lost when displayed on its own. 

Large Art - Usually 60-90 cm/ 24-36 inches make an impact when hung on the wall and looks great on it's own or at the centre of a gallery wall. 


Size Chart

Below is a size guide for unframed and framed art.

Size in CM Size in Inches Size incl frame
30x40cm 12x16" 33.4 x 43.4cm
40x50cm 16x20" 43.4 x 53.4cm
50x70cm 20x28" 53.4 x 73.4cm
60x80cm 24x32" 63.4 x 83.4cm
40x40cm 16x16" 43.4 x 43.4cm
60x60cm 24x24" 63.4 x 63.4cm
20x40cm 8x16" 23.4 x 43.4cm
30x60cm 12x24" 33.4 x 63.4cm